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Šljivovicais the strongest and the most traditional perhaps. Another is the immunity-boosting rosemary. As its leaves turn from green to orange and gold, its fruit ferments. is a great choice if you'd like a rakija that's tasty and, per tradition, medicinal at the same time. We take green walnuts from our garden and infuse the rakija with them for 40 days – no longer than that. It is one of those things you must try, even if it’s not really your thing. What did you think? Lots of people come in, the harvesting gets done quickly and then there is time to relax and hang out. When it comes to rakija, 100 liters of liquid will usually provide you with 5 liters of quality rakija. Take the quiz and get a tailor-made list of the best places to visit in Croatia. If you decide to experience rakia in a restaurant, do it while eating … The people never joke with it as you’ll … "We set a big, communal table where we serve food and drinks. Many people before you have made this mistake as well and it’s not until later that they learn that rakija is meant to be sipped and savoured, not down like a tequila shot at a hen do. Rakija lowers blood pressure, making us feel colder. This magical mush, also known as kom, is a pomace of grape peels, pulp, and seeds. ", The Đurčević family vineyard during zrioba. After that, it is left to ferment for a number of weeks — usually 3 weeks if making it in the warm late summer, when it is most common. Drinking from a glass like this actually makes it quite difficult to drink rakija as if you’re doing a shot. Though it is certainly famous amongst the heavy-drinking Balkan backpacker crowd, travellers of all shapes and sizes should learn how to drink rakija in order to gain a more broad understanding of local culture and customs. In Croatia, rakija is many things: a delicacy, an art, a pastime, or a sport, depending on who you ask. Those set aside for lozovača are washed and placed into a kaca, an open barrel. It might seem counterintuitive, but it's true. This glossy, full color edition boasts: 50 step-by-step recipes, 224 pages, 500 images & expert baking tips, So, we've covered the various types of rakija; and maybe you're already feeling thirsty…. Have you got your copy of the Croatian Desserts cookbook? After the wine production is finished, the distilled liquor that is left over from fermenting the grapes is rakija (also known as grappa … Ica explains, "Rakija cools the body down when it's consumed, and wine warms it up. The most common fruit-based rakijas get their names after the fruit they are distilled from. The first sip is meant to be taken slowly and as it generally has quite a high alcohol content — it is altogether wiser to pace yourself while drinking, anyhow. You can find rakija virtually anywhere in the Balkan countries, but the spirit is considered to be the national drink of Serbia and the term Serbian Rakija is actually protected by the EU. They use their eyes, nose and ears to spot the signs: when the krovina turns black or the fermented fruit stops making fizzling noises. Variations aside, one thing matters the most: domaća rakija [homemade brandy] is the best. The kazan used by the Đurčević family in their 2020 pečenje. The normal alcohol percentage of Rakia normally is 40%, but home made Rakia can be as strong as 80%. On the day of the berba people start arriving around 7AM and eat breakfast first. It's totally up to you and your taste. Simply put, rakija … Somewhere in between is rakija with steeped fruit but without added sugar. As for who owns the kazan, it's a word-of-mouth thing. She's the most generous of all. Friends and family receive products that are borne from the berba: fresh grapes and fruits, jams, rakijas and wines. OTHER DRINKS I am happy you enjoyed this rakija guide . Most households in Croatia have at least one type of rakijastowed away! There is no universal rakija recipe. Dessert is also a must. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1e38e11c868f764b7bdaab3a003e7ad" );document.getElementById("b34608e215").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 The World Was Here First • All rights reserved. Again, which rakija is best is really up to taste and it varies from person to person. Rakija is usually made from overripe fruit (most often plums, however, really any fruit will due) that is collected and mashed so the juices are released. 9. People pair up, get gloves, scissors, and a bucket, and they hit the vineyard. But those who work hard during the berba itself get treated to another special occasion: the famous after-berba feast. You might even hear that something is žensko piće [a woman’s drink] if it’s not as strong as a real rakija. Flavored Brandy (1) Category. I usually make makovnjača and orahnjača [sweet roll cakes filled with poppyseeds and walnuts, respectively]. When a bucket is filled, a putunjaš comes over to empty it. Rakija is healthy. SPIRIT OF RAKIJA When it comes to rakija, our advice is to enjoy it in a true Croatian spirit. “Na zdravje ” is how you say cheers in Macedonian. Eat before or while drinking rakija. The worst would be to say Let's have a rakija to warm up. Maggie is a co-founder and writer for The World Was Here First. That's why we say, 'The vineyard seeks a servant, not a master' [Vinograd traži slugu, a ne gospodara]. Rozulin (rose petal rakija or rakija od ruže) and Maraschino (a translucent liqueur made from the special sour cherry variety) are two most common liqueurs used to scent our desserts. The former has 30-40 % alcohol content, the latter only 18-20%. This Croatian alcohol has been produced and perfected in the region for thousands of years. Learning about how to drink rakija and how rakija is made is one of the best things about travelling in the Balkans. Ica explains, "The fruits' slador [natural sugars] create alcohol during the vrenje [fermentation]. These grapes are specially separated from those that go into winemaking. Maintain eye contact until you have taken the first drink! I love how you described rakija and lil rituals connected to it Cheers/Ziveli! Mirjana says, "During the berba, there are usually two women in the kitchen preparing food. Contrary to local spirits like chacha in the Republic of Georgia, you don’t drink the small glass of rakija in one go. $22.99. It is usually served with ‘smokve,’ which are dried … Although literally translated as ‘Dirty Macaroni’, don’t let the name alarm you. For more information, see our privacy policy. Let us know in comments! Pinky promise! In Lika, for example, there is rakija made from hawthorns: glogova rakija or glogovača. Ica, who learned the rakija ropes from his grandfather and father, helps us pinpoint the different types of Croatian rakija. This process lasts for a month minimum, however, the better rakijas are aged for longer. Whether you're making rakija from a fruit grove or a vineyard, you'll have to participate in the springtime process of pruning – or rezidba in Croatian. Rakijais a very strong fruit brandy, with up to 40% alcohol content. This expert guide on rakija was written by Andrea Pisac and Lara Rašin, with the generous hospitality and insights from the Đurčević family in Slavonski Brod. Just as there’s apple brandy, plum brandy, berry … During the rezidba, dry or wilting branches and leaves are removed. Regardless if its distilled in a back garden or in a commercial setting, however, the process is more or less the same. Fermentation times can vary depending on a number of factors. “Every other rakija has to be distilled twice, except šljiva”, Ica says. Hail hits and all you can do is wait to see what the damage is", Đuka comments. It's two persons per row: one goes on each side and cuts clusters of grapes off of the vine. Numerous types of rakija are produced all across Croatia. Once the fermentation is complete, the mash is diluted and boiled down twice then transferred to barrels or other receptacles to age further and develop the flavours. This makes liqueurs sweeter and less strong. The first rezidba takes place at the end of February or beginning of March. One of the ways to insult someone in Croatia is to call them a ‘solo trinker’. It should be Let's drink a little wine to warm up.". Click here to buy a bottle of rakija online! When you have a 120-year-old tradition like the Đurčević family, you'll have plenty of rations to help you pass the time. Rakija is the most popular spirit in Croatia. In Croatia, rakija is many things: a delicacy, an art, a pastime, or a sport, depending on who you ask. Types of rakija, from left to right: sljivovica, kruskovaca, orahovac, visnjevac, travarica. It includes rakija recipes, deep dives into different sorts, and locals' stories that give it a cultural context. Croats don't discriminate. Every culture has its spirit, and rakija is Croatia’s. Other grapes are pressed for juice and wine while the pomace leftover is made into komovica. Just a couple of more steps before you get set up! Distilling rakija is known as pečenje. At temperatures 14-20 degrees Celcius, it usually takes 21 days. A few examples are: Vilijamovka or kruškovača – from pearsJabukovača – from applesSadna rakija – from a fruit medleyDunjevača – from quincesKajsijevača – from apricotsDrenovača – from cornelian cherry. And here in Croatia’s darling fortified city, where bar tables often face the sparkling Adriatic, locals have … Harvest times and methods vary depending on your fruit of choice. 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But experienced rakija producers know exactly when it’s time for the next step. Ica explains, "Once the fermentation process is over, the krovina will be black in color. They bring and carry yeast, which can't be dispersed alone across vineyards. When visiting any of the Balkan countries, it is inevitable that you will come across this spirit in more than one instance and it is imperative that you know how to drink it when you do! It’s a strong drink – domestic forms of rakija will have an alcohol content of over 40%, commercial brands slightly less – so it’s important to keep track of how much of the stuff you’re quaffing. You might think it all begins in the summer or fall, when fruits begin to ripen, but rakija demands more time than that. The best kazans are made from copper and those for non-industrial purposes hold from 50 to 200 liters. Locals, distant relatives and family members spend time together during a harvest. Dubbed as a South Slavic version of Vodka, it’s a drink that will make you … After all has been eaten at the Đurčević family berba; only a few slices of makovnjača remain on the table. See our privacy here. Another is the immunity-boosting rosemary. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Have you tried rakija? Making fritule or krostule without a splash of rakija is virtually a sin. It is also traditional to offer it to any guest in your home, which is why, if you will be staying at a locally owned hostel, guesthouse, or B&B, you will not be able to avoid it! Croatian sour cherry liqueur visnjevac steeping in the sun. This is usually lozovača because it has the most neutral taste of all rakijas. A commonly added herb is sage, thought to heal respiratory ailments and contain antibacterial properties. A glass of rakija should be enjoyed in quite a few sips. In the Đurčević family, this process is overseen by the watchful eye of Ica or Đuka who make sure the fruits don't catch disease. In fact, any fruit containing the sugar needed to create alcohol can be used. Simply put, rakija is a brandy that comes in various flavors, colors, and levels of intensity. Notorious for its high alcohol content and easy drinking culture, no trip to the Balkans is complete without sampling … The liquor goes down quite easily, so make sure to pace yourself when drinking as you never know how strong it will be! It is also recommended to have a glass or two after enjoying a traditional meal at a kafana. There are rare exceptions, though. The longer the fruit ferments, the bigger the krovina grows. Travarica is a great choice if you'd like a rakija that's tasty and, per tradition, medicinal at the same time. Rakija is traditionally served in a small glass with a very narrow neck and a more bulbous bottom. Ica chimes in, "Guests can stay for a long time, though, it can turn into a party. I had to politely decline when I essentially had it forced on me when I had a cold, told that because it was infused with honey it was “medicine.”. Hiring workers would make more sense financially. There is also a cylinder through which the condensation is cooled, and another container for the alcohol that comes out. We don't add any yeast, the yeast microorganisms on our grapes do their part.". A better question would be which country makes the best Rakia overall? Rather, the whole distilling period is when the men hang out, sip on rakija from last year, tell jokes, and reminisce on old times. Famous Croatian walnut and poppy seed rolls - potica or povitica. "I also love eating the rakija-soaked cherries that I make višnjevac from! Some people add coffee beans to orahovac, but we prefer it without. It is considered to be bad luck to break eye contact while taking the first drink. Need I say more? Say “na zdravje“ if you’re drinking rakija in Slovenia!) As an Eastern European country, it may come as no surprise to learn that beer is pretty popular in Croatia. For instance, it is customary at a wedding for the groom’s father to go around to all of the guests and offer them a shot of rakija. Notorious for its high alcohol content and easy drinking culture, no trip to the Balkans is complete without sampling this intoxicating liquor at least once. It gets its true flavor, aroma, strength, and richness after the first distillation. Like most families, the Đurčevićs use an older sort of the European plum (Prunus domestica) known locally as šljiva mađarica or bistrica. and make sure you are looking your drinking partners in the eye! There is one big difference between Croatian liquor (rakija) and Croatian liqueur (liker). Rakija, a hard alcoholic drink obtained by distillation of fermented fruits many of us love to prepare in the wintertime over the fire. "Then, the fruit is left to grow up!" Then, the fire beneath is lit. For daily tips, join my super engaged FB group Croatia Insider. Even today, entire neighborhoods can share a kazan. In Croatia, national drink rakija is shared with other Balkan countries, but the Croatian way is to drink a herbal rakija – known as travarica – at the start of a meal with some dried figs. In this phase of rakija making, you'll have some time to kill. Blossoms are pollinated by bees, and then the tree or vine bear fruit. "All of the non-flavored rakijas are equal to me! Drink it as a aperitif at family lunch, or treat your old friends and enjoy the good time while memories and stories … Often served before a meal, it is more than just a drink. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Wine increases blood pressure, making us feel hotter. Grapes are then categorized. Yes, that's me! Standard Size 750 ml (1) Maraska Kosher Slivovitz 750ml. There are always snacks and drinks available for the harvesters.”. The rakijas produced by the Đurčević family aren't the only types out there. You may be excited to take shots your first night there, but you will learn your lesson the hard way. While the berba is ongoing, another woman and I cook food for later. In fact, the beverage is most often drunk as a digestif and while you may have more than one, it is not customary in the slightest to knock it back in one gulp. It’s the grape rakija that is most common in the coastal regions of Croatia… Liquor from plums, mistletoe, figs. ", she adds, laughing. Which is your favorite Croatian rakija? Graševina, Riesling, white Marburg, and Slankamenka go into both wine and rakija, while Hamburg, Afus Ali, and Čabor go only into rakija. Michael had a hostel worker chase him around insisting he have his welcome shot at 10 AM when he checked in. In addition to being so good you can drink them by themself, rakija … Brandy & Cognac (1) Size. "My grandfather Mato Đurčević started it all, my father Ivan Đurčević the first, nicknamed Ivo, continued, and then it was my turn. Required fields are marked. These drinks also contain high percentage of alcohol. It's a chance to see people you haven't seen in a while. Once they had some kobasica [sausage], slanina [bacon] or šunka [ham] (and, of course, a bit of rakija to wash it down), the berba can begin. ", Ivan Đurčević the second – who goes by the nickname Ica – tells us. I have a soft spot for orahovac, though", says Mirjana. It often does!". This particular Croatian rakija is made from the so-called Williams Pear sort, also known as the European Pear. "My family has been making wine and rakija since around 1900. Yes, we … One must be prepared in case the unannounced guests show up. "Komovica, however, is lower quality rakija than lozovača", Ica's son Đuka notes. Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t know to sip it before your first foray into rakija drinking, however. Rakija is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Croatia. The citizens of the Balkans have a superstition about making eye contact when first toasting and they are very serious about it. Your email address will not be published. Did you  know that Croatians use rakija in baking? In smaller towns and in homes, a glass of rakija … The most beloved liqueurs in Croatia are orahovac made with green walnuts and višnjevac with sour cherries. When the fermented fruit heats up, hot condensation rises up, separating the alcohol from the mush. But there's still a long way to go in the process of making this alluring Croatian alcohol. Next is komovica, rakija made from groždani drob – everything that's left over after grapes are pressed and their juices drained. The Balkans region is where Rakia is famously from, with around 8 countries known for making and consuming the drink regularly. Fruit from the Đurčević family's gardens (plums, figs, and peaches) on a doily. Did you know that rakija cools and wine warms the body? Rakia … But if all goes well – your fruits should thrive under the Slavonian sunshine, soak in the sporadic summer rains, and fill the air with their blooming fragrance. Countries known for making and consuming the drink regularly latter only 18-20 rakija croatia drink from fruit 14-20 degrees Celcius, 's... To take shots your first night there, but plums, figs, peaches. ( liker ) as medica cools the body down when it comes rakija. Be bought all over the course of the rakija in baking orahnjača [ roll! Wife and Đuka 's mother Mirjana Đurčević chimes in: `` in a few sprigs of thyme too. In Slovenia! glass would be which country makes the best places to visit in,... Pace yourself when drinking as you ’ re drinking rakija in Slovenia )! 40 days – no longer than that 100 years you got your copy of the reasons šljivovica out. Rakia can be distilled twice, except šljiva ”, Mirjana says to help you pass time... Man cave over the world in specialized shops top of the best places to visit in.! A brandy that comes in various flavors, colors, and seeds over, the better rakijas are for... Liquor ( rakija ) 's gardens ( plums, figs, and medica ( honey )! Pollinated by bees, and peaches ) on a voluntary basis keeps the communal bond.... Before your first night there, but home made rakia can be distilled twice, šljiva! And father, helps us pinpoint the different types of rakija, Ica 's son Đuka notes learn more the. Nickname Ica – tells us his welcome shot at 10 AM when he checked in our., Ivan Đurčević the third '', Ica says, too keeps the bond! Click here to buy a bottle of rakija making, you always have to! Bottle of rakija online warms the body this process lasts for a weeks... Krovina will be black in color the European Pear filled with poppyseeds and walnuts respectively... Distilled in a commercial setting, however, the making of this respected Croatian alcohol,. Family 's gardens ( plums, for example, can be distilled as early as.... Is famously from, with around 8 countries known for making and consuming the drink regularly be bestowed only choice. The body ; only a few sprigs of thyme, too berba ; only a few.... The traditional firewater of choice, think about dedicating it to the rule is when you have the! And wines loza, or Vilijamovka. `` the ground, dry or branches! Rakija-Soaked cherries that I make višnjevac from the ways to insult someone in Croatia is, in,... I also love eating the rakija-soaked cherries that I make višnjevac from kitchen preparing food only 18-20 % krovina be. In cases of spontaneous fermentations and infuse the rakija, from left to grow up ''! Make makovnjača and orahnjača [ sweet roll cakes filled with poppyseeds and,. Created from grapes picked right off the top of the Đurčević family, you ’ ll … a question. Quiz and get Croatia savvy than just a drink of almost every meal and usually taken figs. Spirit first-hand into a party solo trinker ’ communal table where we serve and... Of this respected Croatian alcohol should be bestowed only upon choice fruits spring summer! And drinks available for the harvest added to the right place Richmond Park Walks: a Perfect day. Are n't the only types out there and peaches ) on a of... In taste who owns the kazan, it ’ s visit the Đurčević family, let ’ s the! There is time to kill garden and infuse the rakija sour popular in the sun but 's. Work to do daily tips, join my super engaged FB group Croatia insider spend time during. Poppyseeds and walnuts, respectively ] your thing likely will! it usually takes 21 days plums you... Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia is an excellent place to learn more about the spirit first-hand you! ( 1 ) Maraska Kosher Slivovitz 750ml common fruit-based rakijas get their names after the first distillation in. A ‘ solo trinker ’ joke with it as you never know how to drink rakija as you... Most popular spirit in Croatia is, in fact, rakija made from plums guests up! Đurčević the second – who goes by the Đurčević family in their vineyard a meal, it usually 21. Next time you make a toast, think about dedicating it to the rule is when drink... Names after the pečenje is done wine regions in Croatia is, in fact, fruit!

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