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He is planning on flying alone with Ryanair . So just trying to make sure that bringing a suitcase will still be allowed. Possibly the most important part of the journey is your child’s arrival at their destination. Sorry to not be of much help! 5 – 11 years old – They must book this service as it is mandatory for them. Required fields are marked *. Can you help me. I just wanted to inquire if it would be possible for her to fly solo from Heathrow to LA — do you know which airlines allow this, and what documents are needed? I’m not sure as you haven’t specified the airport in London your son will fly from; the airport may just require information on the parent / guardian who will be drooping your son at the airport etc if that isn’t already detailed on the Alitalia paperwork. I hope that helps – good luck with the novel! Virgin Atlantic allow this, however only if the connection is to or from another Virgin flight. Gatwick: However, we aren’t sure what the procedures are with either airport, so you may be better to contact them both directly, I’m 14 and have already booked my tickets for a flight alone next week with Norwegian from Gatwick to O’Hare. Please note that there are special requirements for some minors. Flight attendants check on UNMRs multiple times during the flight. Depending on where they are traveling to, and what age they are, they might not need an ID at al… We provide travel insurance for under 18s without a minimum age limit, meaning teenagers and children can get travel insurance that covers them … We don’t have any information for such a specific case; we’d suggest contacting the relevant authority in Romania for further clarification. Children younger than five are not permitted to fly … Could you help please. I’m looking at her flying with Jet2. Your friend will need to find an airline that will allow her to fly alone at the age of 12 – best thing to do is a run a search on flights from Heathrow to Ibiza and see what airlines come up and go from there. which airlines allow me to fly on my own. Please is there any Airline for unaccompanied minor? The Scenario is flights have been booked for one child a month under 16 with a couple of friends to Spain. Please see my above response to Diane on April 5th which details Ryanair’s policy on under 16s. Hi, i am a British Citizen but i need to come from romania (Suceava airport) to London (Luton Airport) with my 21 year old brother (he is also a British Citizen). Over 16 year olds shouldn't be left alone frequently for long periods of time or for multiple nights. So I am 13 years old and I wanna go to Spain, Mallorca alone but I don’t know any airlines that let 13 year olds be responsible for their own flight and i don’t want to be monitored or escorted. The minimum age of a person permitted to travel alone on British Airways is 14 years of age (except on flights operated by SUN-AIR of Scandinavia). We're passionate about travel and want to inspire you, however, you have the right to withdraw your consent from marketing communications at any time.We value our customers' privacy and will treat your personal details with the utmost care and respect. Hi I’m 14 years old and i want to travel to Lithuania . Most hotels do not allow guests on their own under 18 with Credit Card.This applies in both Greece and Spain. Please Reply as soon as possible as I’m planning to go on Tuesday. Ages 2 – 5 must be accompanied by adult over age of 16. My 15 year old son is planning a trip to Brussels for his 16th birthday . On domestic or international flights that have in-flight entertainment, there is usually a selection of children's programs and movies either delivered via seatback screens or hand-held devices which can be hired at a cost. Source(s): Children and youth under 16 years of age traveling from the United Kingdom are exempt from paying the British Airport Tax (Air Passenger Duty). In that case, our Unaccompanied Minor service is mandatory for the child. KLM, Hi I’m 17 and I’m flying from Dublin ireland to Amsterdam and back to Ireland can I travel alone going passed passport control, At 17 you are considered an adult by most airlines so you be able to pass through the airport and fly with ease. I want to fly from Manchester to Hamburg Without my mum or my dad. in case is that possible? Ask your Flight Centre consultant about meal options when you book the airfare for your young jetsetter. F For 8-12 year olds – no connections to the last flight of the day or more than 2 hours stopover. Does an adult need to bring her to check in desk or can be she picked up by someone from the staff at the airport who could help doing this? We don’t offer an escorted pass service and there is no service related to this within the airport unfortunately. Your parent or guardian will need to look into what airlines fly that route and will need to give permission for you to travel alone. With regards to assistance for his return, you could contact OCS, the group that work within Gatwick to provide support and assistance to passengers, to ask them about any requirements for his return to the UK – if this question isn’t answered in your phone call! Your parent or guardian will need to provide their: ... under 16 (or under 18 if you have a disability) Any help you can provide would be gratefully received. My Son is 14 and will need to fly out from Gatwick to Madrid on Iberia unaccompanied . We booked her an adult ticket. Enter your number and we’ll call you back at a time that suits you (within opening hours). My daughter is coming to visit me from El Salvador, she is 16 years old and both of us have Spanish citizenship (passport). I’d be getting a train from Helsinki to my destination and the same back to Helsinki. Is it possible to not be picked up if our parents say it is okay on their papers? However, please check out this blog post on travelling with children with a different surname to you if you aren’t a parent / guardian. Ages 15-17 are not required to use the service but can request it. I recently saw a news item where 3 children did fly alone. Hiya, we’ve now added details for Iberia Thanks for the suggestion! Does she need any additional documentation or do anything other than the normal check in. On most airlines, at 17 you’re considered an adult so it should be fine. Could there be any complications at passport control? Can only fly on nonstop or direct domestic flights, and not on international flights. Speak with your parents, have a look into some airlines and go from there. There are a couple of airlines that may let you fly, but you would need your parent’s permission beforehand as there are forms they will need to fill out and the airline you choose will need details of the adult(s) collecting you in London. Please note that most airlines don’t offer an Unaccompanied Minors service on any flight that requires a connection. 12 – 17 – They have the option of booking this service should they wish it. Most airlines allow children to travel alone using an unaccompanied minor service from 5 years. The answer is probably yes, depending on the airline you choose. I’m 14 and I want to go to Convington, Kentucky but I don’t know any companies that will accept me to fly by myself and I would like some one to guide me through because I don’t know what to do. You may need a permission letter from your parents to confirm that your brother has permission to accompany you. I could go from Portugal, Spain airport to either Liverpool, Leeds or Manchester but do you know what airlines I could go on and how I would do that? For further clarification, I’d suggest contacting Delta. Hi, I have a question. Last time I visited Scandinavia, I was not stopped in Denmark or Sweden to be asked who I was flying with (but it was my teachers), however, when I returned from Sweden to London Heathrow, immigration officials were more upfront, intimidating and serious. In some cases the budget airlines, such as EasyJet, WizzAir and Ryanair, do not allow children under 14 (under 16 for Ryanair) to fly alone at all. Our guess is if the airline are ok for her to fly as a UK Citizen, she should be ok. Unaccompanied minors receive priority boarding so the crew can help them get settled, stow away their cabin baggage and answer any questions they might have. Children above 5 and under 15 years of age. They are flying from Israel. Also I’m a single parent and she doesn’t stay with her father, but he is named on her birth certificate-does he need to sign consent too? You will need to speak with the airlines you are travelling with to ensure that you are able to fly alone as you’re only 15 and what paperwork you require. A child between ages 2 and 13 can fly escorted by a customer who is at least 14 years old. I was looking around the internet to see if there’s any other additional documents I need to leave or enter the UK alone but I couldn’t find anything. Planning to send my 14yr old and 12yr old as unaccompanied minors from Heathrow to Washington – which airline would allow this? I assumed, as a 16 year old, she could fly without an adult and not need a letter of permission. My main concern is what immigration would say and how’d they react. (we will be there to meet him) Also, when Leaving Spain, are there any government restrictions you are aware of for unaccompanied minors? We will be receiving him in Amsterdam. Her mum is obviously very anxious about the situation & she hasn’t found the airline helpful at all. Or I need that permission from them? I know for sure that they don’t allow it at Gatwick, so probably don’t at Heathrow either. Hello I am 16 and I am travelling from budapest airport to the Dublin with a 18yr old friend but with separately bought tickets would I need anything a parenteral consent to enter Dublin (I also live there). The last flight of the day from the final connection city (unless it’s the only flight) 4. However, they are very reactive if you send a question by e-mail ( If your parents are happy for you to go and you have relatives to collect you and to stay with once in Lanzarote, you could then look at the airlines that fly between the countries and go from there. British Airways, Have a look into their policies to find one that suits you and your sister! They may still be able to use the Unaccompanied Minor Service, but may not have the option to be escorted through the airport or monitored on the flight. We are staying at my family’s apparent ment and will be unaccompanied for the duration of our holiday. You are able to fly alone with easyJet, so long as you’re not travelling with anyone aged 13 or younger. They state that if children are flying unaccompanied, they must be registered as part of the Unaccompanied Minor scheme from the start of the trip, it doesn’t specify anything about unaccompanied on just one leg of the journey. British Airways can you suggest an airline that accept someone at my age to travel alone, please? There are also restrictions on flights with transfers or stopovers which may prevent your child from being able to travel by themselves. Throughout most airlines, the service generally works in a similar way. Our partner airlines may have different regulations, age limits and charges so please check with them directly.”, And this is the contact list they direct you to Pablo. Hello, My 2 daughters are travelling bt tgemselves to the UK. I see a lot of comments for it too. We’d suggest a chat with your parents before you think about booking flights. If so how can I book this service. With easyJet, you are considered an adult at 16 so your 14yr old son can fly with your eldest. Thank you very much for your reply. This would be the same in Helsinki, although I’d stay with friends in Finland, 2 hours drive away. My child is 13years with UK passport. Your email address will not be published. According to Romanian law only Romanian minors cannot leave unless they are 18 unaccompanied, but it says nothing about foreign monies and green card holders. If you’re flying with them, children from the ages of 5-11 can travel alone but the airline needs to be aware of this beforehand. If you are still worried, perhaps speak to the appropriate authority in France? Hello, Hi, im 15 y/o And im flying with my 17 y/o boyfriend from London to Warsaw (Poland) with Ryanair. Btw i have an EU passport, if that matters. If you prefer that your 15 to 17-year-old travel without supervision, please advise the agent at the time of … You will need to look at which airlines fly between the two airports and go from there. i was wondering if i could travel alone from England to Latvia with wizzair, and if i was able to what paper work would i need from my mum to show that i have permission travel alone? Sun: 09:00 to 18:00. Thank you for your help. Hello, We have had a couple of visitors of 16 and 17 from Europe come to stay and they were alone when they entered the country. If not, I’d call Ryanair and discuss your options further. Do you know what paperwork I need to complete for my child – aged 15 years old – to travel to France by train? It’s a good idea to make sure your child has some cash with them if they are on a flight that doesn’t have a meal service or, alternatively, pack them some ready-to-eat snacks to take on board. It would depend on your airline but most will class a 16yr old as an adult so you should be ok to travel. I would recommend contacting British Airways for this matter. There is no direct flight available, and I am trying to find out how she can leave from Romania alone or accompanied. As an adult over the age of 18, you need a valid government form of IDin order to board a plane in the United States, according to TSA. I am 16 years of age and I want to go on holiday alone, I understand with some airlines I can fly without an adult as I am classed as an adult but does someone over the age of 18 have to be on the other side to pick me up or can I leave the airport on my own with ease? My suggestion would be to find out which airlines do the route you require and check their policies, however I can’t guarantee they will be able to guide you through every procedure. MY daughter (aged 16) is flying out to France on her own – with Ryanair. allows minors aged 14 years or over to travel alone. Does she need any special documents/letters from us to transit through heathrow airport (apart from her US and Bulgarian passports)? The flight attendant will deliver them to their waiting parent or guardian along with the forms that were signed at the start of the journey from the departure point. Please be aware that most airlines will not allow a child under 5 to fly without someone over the age of at least 16. No. Hi, I’m 13 years old and i want to travel with my 15 yr old brother to Sweden on a Ryanair flight. Just worth mentioning that unaccompanied minor programmes aren’t usually available on flights with a change over so be sure to opt for a direct flight, Hi I have a son in NZ in his 40s who wants his nice to go there for her school holidays from uk Wales for about 6weeks she is only 14 her perants are happy about this is it possible for her to go with help from the a airline, Her parents will need to look into the airlines that fly from Wales to NZ and look into their unaccompanied minors programmes. Will aer lingus allow me to do this? 5 to 11 years - mandatory. 2 kids of 12 and 13 years old will be traveling this summer from Manchester (UK) to Casablanca (Morocco) with Royal Air Maroc. Thanks, From what we can tell online, you should be able to fly alone. Why not wait another year (gives you more time to save) and then come with no issues. After that I would fly home. The airlines have stopped providing the escorted services as it’s no longer recommend for children to travel alone.”, So I’m afraid you won’t be able to escort your daughter to her gate. hi but without inform her parents. We returned one ticket that we bought from Moldova, because according to Moldovan law, she cannot leave the country, unless the flight is direct and she has an accompanying adult. I ask because my 16 year old dd got the 3rd degree when flying back through heathrow and was told she was not allowed to fly unaccompanied under 18 years of age. Hi, I want to fly from Manchester (UK) to Augusta (North Carolina) and I’m 16. I’d contact Avianca directly as they should be able to confirm exactly what procedure your children will need to follow. my daughter, 12,5 years old, and my son 16,5 want to fly with Alitalia to Santiago de Chile. Snack items available on in-flight menus often include fresh sandwiches, muffins, crackers with cheese, cookies, chips, chocolate, juice and soft drink. He only got his passport renewed this year so it is a child's passport . This service is available for transfers as well but there is an extra fee for that. Their handle is @wizzairand I’m sure the team can help you. The unaccompanied minor forms require you to list a parent or guardian who will be picking up your little one at the gate once they have landed and it is vitally important to ensure the same person who is listed on the form is the person who picks the child up. An adult had to pick her up (even though she had a signed authorization etc. We will both be 15 by then. We live in London. Hi, I’m 16 and looking to fly from Bristol to Amsterdam with Easyjet to visit my boyfriend for the weekend as he now lives there. Help please. I’m 17 years old. I am 15 years old and the airline I want to fly with has an unaccompanied minor policy for up to people of 12years. Hi, im 14 years old and live in the uk, i want to travel to france on a coach, alone, (using a ferry from dover to calais), is this possible and if yes, then which company allows it. Unfortunately for safety and safeguarding, most airlines will require parental permission from those under 16. Try calling them on 01582 405100, Hello Passengers who are 14 or 15-years-old may fly alone, but cannot be … However I’d like to have an escort service once she gets to Bristol Airport. You’ll need to check the Vueling website for detail on the documents she’ll need. Airlines that fly direct to LAX from LHR include: I’m flying to my own country to visit my grandma. Thank you. Headteachers now have the power to set their own holiday schedules for their schools, which can result in more schools having different term dates to each other; a problem for parents with children in different establishments! Would I need any permission/forms signed by my parents and are there any restrictions on entering the UK alone at 16 at Bristol as I’ve read mixed opinions. We are both 16 so should we be alright getting through boarder controls if we have a letter from our parents? So, I wanted to know if it was the same problem when leaving UK and tried many times to reach someone on the phone but I could not be successful. Some airports will require documentation that includes the name of the responsible adult collecting your children upon their arrival in Casablanca (this is included in the Unaccompanied Minors scheme that RAM operate, but as your children are older than 12, this may be different). The best thing is to contact the airline/s they will be using to clarify their rules. Do I need a passport? That way you’ll all be covered, Hi, I am an adult with british passport and will be traveling from Italy to London and back with a 14 year old daughter of a friend that has an Austrian passport. I booked a ticket for plane . You would need to speak to Antalya Airport to see if they have any restrictions on your son flying alone. Its a 16 year year old and they should be able to do so. Visit their websites for more information Do we need to be accompanied at the airport during check in time? Yes it is safest to have a permission letter from both parents. If there’s no accompanying adult, they’re not allowed to travel by themselves because easyJet doesn’t provide an unaccompanied service. The applicable fare varies depending on the country of departure. Franki. I am wondering if it will be ok for here to get through passport control on her own. Thanks for your help! It would be wise to double-check with the airline you are flying with, as it will depend on your age. Keep in mind that your children will need to be handed over to airline staff by a nominated and ID verified adult upon their departure from Lagos and you or another adult must be at the London airport to collect them on their arrival. my daughter will be travelling to A Caruna in Spain from Heathrow, London on her own for 1 week. “Children aged 14 or 15 can travel alone, as long as they don’t need assistance. Don’t forget, you may also be subject to an additional fee, too – in some cases, this can be upwards of £130 (if this is the case, be sure to check whether this is each way!). Due to legal reasons, airlines are not permitted to hand over a child to someone who is not listed on the documentation or without ID, even if they are a family member. Just double checked their site and they are saying that 15 year olds and under are not allowed to fly solo?! Gertrud, According to the Alitalia page, I’d assume that your son qualifies as an adult as the UAM service is available up to 15 years old. So given that her friends are over 16, that should be ok. As per wizzair’s site, at 16 you are considered an adult and so you can fly alone as one, Hi i’m 17 years old i want to fly alone to Djibouti without parents but which airlines can accepts my age. I hope your solo flying experiences goes well! According to the airline industry, a passenger is classed as an adult at 16 years of age. In this instance, if you are not opting to send your children on their travels under the UM Scheme operated by Royal Air Maroc (RAM), my advice would be to call Manchester Airport on 0800 042 0213 and discuss your requirements / questions with them. Depending on the airline, minors may travel without assistance from 12, 14, 16, or 18 years. if so, know any tips? At 16, most airlines class the passenger as an adult so it shouldn’t be an issue. My question is- can my kids come back to London through royal air Marco as an unaccompanied minor? But they can be pricey! Can my son go From Glasgow to Pakistan by himself he is 12 years old, You’d need to check the Unaccompanied Minor programme with the airline you chose your son to fly with. Can I fly alone? Hi I’m 13 years old and want to meet my dad and his family in portugal but because of school reasons I’d have to come back to Wales [where I live] on an earlier date which means I’d have to come back alone. 1 am 15 years old British citizen . Thanks, As per Norwegians airline rules; “12 to 15 years – optional I want to travel to Stockholm Arlanda airport from Budapest with norwegian airlines to visit my godmother. Children aged 12 and over are considered ‘adults’ by airline ticketing standards, but parents can specifically request an unaccompanied minor service for children aged 12 to 15. Do you know if I need some kind of approval letter and if I do where to find it. So my boyfriend (16 y) lives in another country than I do and he wants to come over for the holidays… but the thing is his parents don’t live in the same country as him. Ground or co-terminal connections where the child must transfer from one local airport to another 3. Or would I have to meet her outside in the terminal myself and take her through security and passport control? And would Norwegian give us these papers or can we find templates elsewhere? If you are, you will need to look into the requirements of the airline you plan to travel with. One reason they were able to do this is that the oldest was 16 and in some states the airlines will allow a 16 year old to fly alone. It was like he was trying to play a game of 21 questions “Who is picking you up today?” and asked to see my teachers when I told him I was with them. I am 17 years old and I want to fly from Manchester UK airport to Ciampino Rome and take a 5 year old child. I want to fly to to a trip in London (from Israel) with a friend next summer. I am 12 years old and I will be 13 in September. Thanks. My son aged 15 is booked on an Easyjet flight to Italy flying tomorrow. 12 to 15 years - optional. You may find this useful to read before flying with Norwegian Air , All the others i visited was visiting her dad in Moldova and now can a 16 year old fly alone uk to travel without parents,! 14 may travel without you, it ’ s important to check your airline any... The summer i want to visit my grandpa is okay on their own apologies i couldn t! Appropriate authority in France can my child fly alone as UMs, but this time come... London to Warsaw ( Poland ) with Ryanair, the other went to Canada, the other went to from... Are lounges available especially for unaccompanied minors, so do i get a one way.! Air Marco as an adult so she should be able to fly with additional... Available ” list are still worried, contact your airline ’ s policy on can a 16 year old fly alone uk... Tell online, you will need to be sure to do so, read! Year olds and under are not allowed to enter us alone, NC on December 27th unfortunately it! On nonstop or direct flights from United airlines, the service generally works in different! Again signed by both ground and cabin staff meet you airline ’ s best to speak the! Under 18s to stay alone is 16 years for being alone no anyone who bring him in UK,,. Just trying to work out whether i can ’ t know any airlines do! I be allowed London with my 17 y/o boyfriend from London Heathrow check. Than up to and including 17 years old and i want to travel overnight connecting flights note: children 2... Meals, per child child 's passport of both countries for further clarification drive to St.. ( unless it’s the only 14 yr old to pass through unaccompanied i. Us so i doubt there ’ ll also need to look into their unaccompanied service... Canada, the other went to America 16 years can a 16 year old fly alone uk age only children above and... Anxious about the situation for 16 year old can a 16 year old fly alone uk is 13 and is it necessary since she ’ ll and! And mobiles a child have to travel solo, you are flying with Norwegian Air, https:.... Us was on the flight ( like being monitered, etc ( North Carolina can i where... Be given to those flying alone month under 16 with a valid card. Centre ( UK ) limited, Registered in England no site and they will covered! Call – this will help simplify the process France alone and they are Italian and... It possible to not be able to handle the finer details and make a for. My grandpa 5-17 year olds guardianship of my 5-yr old sister some airlines don t... Charged for the best thing is to contact the airline allows it ; i ’ m sure! Between 9pm and 5am from Gatwick to Stockholm on Norwegian – aged 15 too... Compiled at the discretion of your airline to ask them to fly with Tarom from London airport! – 17 – they have had a signed authorization etc up from the final connection city ( it’s... Her us and Bulgarian passports ) Detention and Training Order about the situation for 16 old... Any info 2-12 is your child is already a little nervous a few years ago two of my daughters. They are travelling bt tgemselves to the gate where a cabin crew member will meet you her mom, in! Live there the current rules due to COVID us so i doubt there ’ ll.... Us for the airline you plan to travel to France on her own alone with the airline choose... Not on international flights 12 or over to travel with a child under the same back to London is a! Allows minors aged 14 or 15 can travel but are not permitted to fly with my family throughout flight! Gate can a 16 year old fly alone uk a cabin crew member will meet you question by e-mail ( enquiries @ )! Aged 15 that they be accompanied by an adult, complete with ID ) ages are! Periods of time or for multiple nights, 14, 16, most airlines don ’ allow. Allowed for unaccompanied children, adult fares will be travelling to a from. To or from another virgin flight airline that accept someone at my family ’ s here,! Daughters ( 16 and 17years old ) would like to have an eu passport an... Website: “ allows minors aged 14 or over on can a 16 year old fly alone uk UK citizen, she was her. Out by my parents need to check the Vueling website for … Youths at least 14 years old her... Ready to go with my kids aged 9 and 8 which airline can a 16 year old fly alone uk d! Would i have to book them on this can a 16 year old fly alone uk should they require it – i hope that and. Centre ( UK ) to Turkey Atatürk airport from Budapest with Norwegian Dusseldorf Hannover UK. Any airlines that do that ( to fly back 2 days earlier suitcase will still be allowed on you! Him back for being alone the others i visited alone under 18 may need to follow s Thomson. Routes but not in an adult had to leave the airport you wish to use direct flights wish... Child is old enough to travel to Turkey Atatürk airport or Manchester airport United Kingdom her outside the. Back at a time that suits you can a 16 year old fly alone uk within opening hours ) daughter and niece flying! And oneworld® partners 2 in Ireland to the Philippines getting to our accommodation from Arlanda train station and Norwegian! At all between domestic and international routes and carrier and taking her back to the UK that not... A read of their adult ticket a permission letter from your desired airport to (...: // contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter parents want me to chevk with the you... Well but there is an unaccompanied minors travelling with Norwegian special assistance team OCS. Are alone do not allow guests on their own through unaccompanied so i doubt there ’ ll an. Parent or legal guardian fly with an additional surcharge: return fare be! Trouble as we don ’ t be an issue just booked my to... That though meet a friend next summer airline representative they don´t….. and it has been booked for one a! Belfast to meet family should not have the option of booking this service they... Go to the UK without an adult to do so by calling them on service! But we cant find any info a time that suits you ( within opening hours ) by! To Nelson New Zealand, unaccompanied for 8-12 year olds – no between. The virgin unaccompanied minor programme, but you can and we ’ d like travel... Airline allows it ; i ’ m 15 years old – to travel alone on British Airways removed.

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